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In the world of ORM services requests for Ripoff report removal often leads the pack. This isn’t surprising as such reports can blow up all the reputation a business has managed to earn over years. Thankfully it is possible to remove Ripoff report from Google using the right kind of Online Reputation Management strategies. It requires an in-depth understanding of Search Engine Optimization and inherent knowledge in how Ripoff reports tend to occupy top position on Google and other search engines. At we have been offering Ripoff report removal services to clients for past many years and have helped them overcome the smear campaign that is often run using Combining sound technical know-how with creativity we are able to deal with all kinds of adverse posts that hurt the reputation of your brand.

Remove Ripoff Report from Google, Do It Now!

Are your troubled by a negative comment posted against you on Have some of your new leads cited this report as the reference for not getting into business with you? The complaint website which many terms as an ‘online scam’ has constantly been troubling businesses, individual professionals, and institutions. A mention on this platform can cost your business, bring down sales and sow the seeds of a never-ending PR disaster. With these reports often appearing on top of search results they easily catch the attention of most Internet users.

It is estimated that close to one-third businesses that have had negative posts about them on this website have seen a drop in sales and revenue in the first month. Given the popularity, it enjoys as one of the leading digital complaint board makes it a big threat to businesses. The site seldom takes down adverse comments even when approached with convulsive evidence showing the malicious intention of the user posting the complaint. It even allows users to post their complaints anonymously, which is often used maliciously to hurt a business or an individual.

How Do We Remove Ripoff Report?

At our team is driven by a simple goal – we want you to be in command over your online reputation and delete negative bad reviews that can stall your growth. As experts in this trade, we believe you should start early to avoid a PR disaster. We regularly come across clients who wait for too long in dealing with negative comments and reviews and see considerable damage to their reputation and revenue. When negative reviews go viral or occupy the top of search results you can lose your competitive edge. As one of the most preferred Online Reputation Management companies in the world, we have been helping clients overcome the negative influence of a PR disaster and polish their online profile. We don’t merely remove bad business reviews but work towards creating a positive image of your brand that offers you competitive advantage over your rivals and lets you reach out to potential customers and present your best foot forward.

  • Suppression – Since it is nearly impossible to remove Ripoff report from Google either by approaching the site or the user (as they aren’t allowed to remove their posts) we focus on suppressing the post to ensure that they don’t appear on Google search or any other major search engines. Using advanced Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing techniques we shall remove a Ripoff report from Google top searches, pushing them to inner pages where they don’t hurt your interests anymore. We repeat this approach as long as these reports keep appearing on the top of search results. Our many years of expertise add to our advantage as we have been able to derive results faster than other agencies.
  • Positivity – Creating a positive online profile is one of the best ways to counter negative posts that appear on This is where our digital marketers bring all their experience to good use. From posting positive reviews about your business on authority sites to writing guest posts on high traffic websites that promote your brand, we shall do everything to promote your business in positive light and help you reach out to potential customers. This not only helps in countering the challenges posed by Ripoff and other complaint boards but also offers you dividends in years to come.
  • Monitoring – Ripoff removal isn’t the end of the job for your ORM campaign as most businesses tend to see it. If the report was published on the platform with malicious intent the person or business behind it is likely to use the same platform or dozens of other compliant boards to target your business. This is where we help you with our comprehensive monitoring services. Using state-of-the-art search tools we shall scan for all mentions of your name on the Internet and spot such reports and post before they actually turn into a threat. Once they are identified we develop necessary strategies to deal with them.

Remove Ripoff Report & Drive Your Brand Forward

There is a myth that it is impossible to remove a Ripoff report from Google but our experience tells a different story. From helping a construction company get its back off such a report to assisting a photographer deal with an adverse report from a customer we have done it all. At we have helped several clients deal with unfounded attacks from this platform using tailored strategies that offer effective results in quick time. We don’t stop with merely removing these adverse reports but see these as an opportunity to help your brand name scale up positive references on the search engines.

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We won’t allow to spoil your business, we won’t let it occupy top of search results. If there is something adverse written about your business, we know how to get it removed.