Ensure Reviews & Ratings Promote Your Business, Not Vice-Versa

As a restaurateur you aren’t unaware of how online reviews and ratings affect your business. If you enjoy good ratings and have encouraging reviews on platforms such as Yelp, Google Business Listing and others you will see increased footfall and a steadily growing business. The counter narrative is equally true as a few bad reviews can put you out of competition and result in empty tables. There is no other industry where reviews and ratings make or break businesses like they do in the hospitality industry especially when it comes to restaurants. Most of today’s generation customers plan out eating solely based on experiences of others or in other words the ratings and feedback they come across on online platforms. It won’t be wrong to say that succeeding in the crowded restaurant business is as much about good food and impressive ambience as it is about the kind of online reputation you enjoy on digital space. To overcome negative campaigns or build a positive image you need to work with restaurant reputation management experts.

We Work On Multi-Course Reputation Management Menu

At ORMWorld.com we have been in the business of reputation management for restaurants for many years and this has helped us build intrinsic knowledge about reputation management with respect to this industry. We understand how reputation directly affects your business and revenue and how to undo damages done by a few disgruntled customers or a sullen ex-employee. As a part of our initiative we plan out tailored strategies to help you overcome negative campaigns and stay ahead of your rivals on search and social results. We create the perfect mix between digital marketing and reputation management strategies that help you in overcoming challenges and creating more opportunities for your business. As discussed earlier reviews and ratings are the market differentiator in this business and herein our team of ORM specialists would identify the opportunities and threats to your business on different online platforms. We identify the threats and diminish their effect on your brand reputation and turn good experience of your customers into your biggest marketing tools.

How Do We Help You?

  • Better Reviews & Ratings – Good reviews help in increasing the footfall at your restaurant as well filling up the tables. We have inherent knowledge in working with restaurants and aware of the top online review and rating platforms. We shall use our network to post beautiful reviews from real customers and improve your ratings in a crowded industry.
  • Suppressing Bad Reviews – If bad reviews dominate your search results and are pulling you down on rating platform we shall take care of these. Using highly advanced Search Engine Optimization techniques we shall push these to the inner pages of search results and below the visible spectrum on different rating websites. Once they are out of sight they can’t cause major harm to your business.
  • Increasing Online Visibility – There is no better way to counter negative search and social results than improve your online visibility. With our sound knowledge in SEO we shall increase your online visibility and flood the Internet with reviews and posts that help in building the right sense of emotion among your target audience.
  • Local Search Results – You are aware of the importance of featuring on local search results and business listing to improve your footfall and table occupancy. As a part of our Online Reputation Management services we shall help you build strong presence on local search results and also reclaim your business listing if it is being maliciously used to hurt your reputation.
  • Social Media Presence – While you may have presence on the social media, is it driving business to your restaurant? Do your customers engage with your Facebook page or share posts that appear on your Instagram handle? If no, we shall help you build a dominating presence on the leading social media platforms. We facilitate your reach out to new customers and take care of negative posts that may have appeared on your social media handles in the past.

Gain Competitive Edge With Us

Restaurant business is overcrowded and fiercely competitive. With most restaurateurs taking the fight to the digital platform you can’t yield an inch of space to remain at the top. As experts in managing reputation for restaurants we have been helping small and large businesses take competition head on and gain complete control over their online reputation. Our techniques are proven and we are always ready to take on a challenge and deliver you results against all odds. You need to gain competitive edge on the digital space to succeed and we shall do it for you in quick time.

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