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Have you seen a spike in inquiries about online reputation management services from your clients? This is no exception but just a glimpse of where the digital marketing industry is headed towards. If web development and SEO have been the most in-demand services for the past decade, the next would belong to Online Reputation Management. With increasing activity on social media, review platforms and online complaint sites ORM has become critical for success in the world of digital marketing. It isn’t only about countering negative and smear campaign but also involves active monitoring of online profile and creating a positive image about the brand. If you don’t have the expertise to manage reputation of your clients, become part of our White Label Online Reputation Management program. You bring us the business we shall take care of the technicalities that are involved in the project.

At ORMWorld.com we are the market leaders in white label online reputation services and have been successfully working with web design studios, PR agencies and digital marketing agencies from different parts of the world. We take pride in the fact that we have been able to build a team of ORM experts who bring in knowledge of working with clients from diverse backgrounds. Whether it is about rebuilding the reputation of a brand that has undergone a PR disaster or helping a young startup build strong and impressive online reputation we have experience in handling all kinds of projects. Our ORM services are people driven where experienced team members would handle a project based on tailored strategies assisted by cutting-edge tracking and analytic tools. We shall work quietly behind the scenes and your clients won’t have a clue of our existence.

How You Benefit?

  • Retain Your Clients – You know how loosely bonded client-service provider relationships are in the digital marketing world. Your client isn’t likely to work with different agencies for ORM, SEO, SMM or Web Development. They expect to find everything under one single roof. Saying no with respect to a query on ORM Services many mean closing door on future projects. This is where you stand to benefit from our reputation management white label program. We allow you to retain your clients without having to hire ORM professionals or spend on expanding your infrastructure. You deal with the client; we shall take care of your clients’ ORM needs.
  • Grow Your Business – The recent queries regarding ORM services have shown you the future of digital marketing industry. Online Reputation Management will not only be one of the most sought after services in the future but it will define the digital marketing industry all together. With growing Internet footprint most businesses and professionals are recognizing the criticality of ORM services. When you have this under your portfolio you will be able to easily grow your business and stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Increase Your Revenue – If you aren’t still convinced about the benefits we are offering, how about increasing your revenue by merely writing emails or making phone calls? That’s exactly what we expect our white label reputation management partners to do. You need to simply source ORM projects from your clients, enlighten us about your clients’ problems and needs and we shall take care of all the activities from thereon. You only need to send over progress reports to the clients and you can do this under your brand name as we shall send you a complete while label report.

How Does It Work?

  • Client Acquisition – As our partners in white label online reputation services you shall market Online Reputation Management services among your existing clients and reach out to new ones. This helps in generating trade queries from clients who are facing a PR disaster or want to adopt a proactive approach with their online reputation. We shall help you in initial conversation with the client whenever required.
  • Implementing Strategies – When we get the go-ahead from the client our team would start implementing different strategies that allows us to deliver on promise and meet the pre-defined goals of the project. As experts in Search Engine Optimization and Online Reputation Management we shall implement these strategies methodically and constantly monitor its success. We measure these results against the past search results that we had encountered during the research phase.
  • Scope of Project – Depending on the clients’ needs we shall clearly define the scope of the project. Here we shall carry out research on search and social profile of the clients, identify the pain areas in terms of the kind of comments, reviews and news reports that paint the client in poor light and also plan a counter strategy that will help in marginalizing these smear campaigns and build positive reputation for the clients. Based on the needs we shall advise the required ORM plan and send it to you to seek client’s approval.
  • Reporting – We make use of easy-to-read KPIs that allow your clients to clearly read the success of the project. To let you claim complete control over the project we shall send you white label report that can be branded by your in-house team before it is shared with the client. We can also brand the report with your logo and other necessary information.

Take Credit, Build Your Service Portfolio

From strategy to implementation of the ORM project we at ORMWorld.com shall handle the entire project from end-to-end. As our white label partners you are responsible for bringing in new project and building a regular stream of work. We are aware of the importance of non-disclosure and non-competition clauses in our partnership and shall act as a back office guiding you in every aspect of the project from explaining the scope of the ORM services to the clients to answering their queries in the quickest possible time. On your part we let you take entire credit for the project and build your service portfolio.

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With our white label reputation management service we create a win-win possibility for you as well as ourselves. Come onboard as we get ready to taste success.