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The rules of the game in the world of business have changed with the advent of the Internet and digital media. This revolutionary technology has increased businesses' reach, allows them to conquer unchartered territories and build reputation within a short span of time. An open media it has been able to break the barriers of language, time and space and benefitted small and medium businesses in their bid to take on giant competitors. All it takes is some positive word and few good testimonials for businesses to attract potential customers without any physical contact and do business with them. You may be a lawyer, medical practitioner, a construction company or a large ecommerce store, Internet and other digital technologies have created scope for exponential growth.

But the same open media is also posing new challenges to businesses and their reputation. While in the past managing reputation was solely restricted to Public Relation exercise using traditional media, not anymore as the digital revolution has left businesses vulnerable. And you have guessed it right, these are negative things published about your business that often turn the customers away. To take command of your online reputation you need to work with specialists like us as we can help you remove complaints and all negative references about your business away from the eyes of your target audience. Let's take a look at how your online reputation can receive a serious blot and damage your online reputation -

Even before you spot these complains or it is brought to your notice some damage has already been done. Welcome to the world where your online reputation has become as important as your actual credentials on ground. While most businesses create beautiful websites few actually care to review their online reputation. This can deliver a killer blow to your business and often trap you in a maze of negativity that spoils your brand reputation and casts a wrong impression in the minds of your audience.

Positive News, Positive Views and Positive Reviews

At we are specialists in Online Reputation Management and work with clients from across industries helping them gain complete control over their online reputation. From individual professionals to multi-national businesses we have helped clients from across the board with their online reputation initiative. We have a team of passionate individuals who pack a punch with their expertise and experience in diverse skills including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Content Creation. Whether you want us to help you remove online complaints or build a positive image about yourself or your brand we come with a proven track record and passion to help you ward off the challenge and capitalize on the opportunity that this disruptive media offers.

What Online Reputation Management?

There are many vague definitions of ORM that are doing rounds of the Internet. Most people think ORM to be is a counter strategy to protect rights and interest in the event of negative posts and comments being published about an individual, brand or an institution. This is only partially true and a more accurate definition of ORM would be tasks and activities that are carried out to gain complete control over your online reputation. It involves countering negative comments, posts etc. at the same time spreading positive message about your brand. As you are already aware of the fact that with instant access and wide reach people often associate your brand with what is said and written in different platforms. It is here that we shall put our skills and expertise to good use and highlight the positive experiences that people have about your brand and quash any negative mention.

Services We Offer

  • Repairing Reputation – Our team specializes in repairing your online reputation for businesses as well as individual clients. We are well versed in different techniques and strategies that are used to help remove online complaints or suppress them by pushing them to inner pages of the search engines when publishers refuse to remove them. Over the years we have dealt such challenges with creativity and superior technical knowhow. Using advanced techniques we target the veracity of such comments and posts to ensure your potential customers and even existing ones don't take them on face value even when such posts come in front of their eyes.
  • Reputation Monitoring – Online reputation isn't a reactive task but one that is aimed at keeping constant vigil around your brand. Like you would keep track of your financial health you also need to be aware of what is being said and written about your brand on several online platforms. It benefits your business in two ways – it allows you to capitalize on all the positive news and information being published and also remove consumer complaints or suppress them before they can inflict any significant damage to your brand.
  • Positive Reviews – If negative reviews can hurt the reputation of your brand ones showing your brand in positive light can power your enormous growth. This is what our team is good at as we shall publish positive reviews and stories about you and your brand that not only surpasses malicious ones but create the perfect platform for your growth in a tech savvy world. We keep track of various authority sites and message boards specific to individual professions and businesses and publish guest post, blogs and reviews highlighting your products, services and brand to help you establish a strong pitch and stay ahead of competition.
  • Online Visibility – Your online profile has to match the growth of your business and we help you turn it into your most potent marketing tool by improving your online visibility. Our team being well versed in advanced Search Engine Optimization techniques will improve the visibility of your website on the top search engines for targeted keywords. From writing captivating content to optimizing your landing pages we have in-depth knowledge in best practices for boosting your website on search results.

Delivering Results Against All Odds

As you would know it isn't the easiest of digital marketing tasks to remove consumer complaints or undo the damage that has been done to your brand. But irrespective of the challenge that is thrust upon us we always overcome them through strategic thinking, superior use of technical knowhow and creativity. Our comprehensive knowledge in the workings of various search engines rankings offers us the edge over other agencies to help you remove the darker stains of your online footprints and create strong online presence.

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