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Remove Yelp Bad Reviews, Before It Kills Your Business

Have you checked your Yelp reviews off late? You should do it as this review platform has the power to take your business to great heights or deliver you a killer blow. A bad review from a disgruntled customer or a maliciously written comment from a former employee can tarnish your reputation and undo many months of efforts that go into building online reputation. At we recently came across one such client who was at the receiving end. A restaurateur in New York City who up until recently enjoyed great ratings on Yelp and was doing pretty good business with the Social Media hungry youths contributing to bulk of his business. Everything was going fine up until a few dozen bad reviews started appearing on Yelp and suddenly there was a drop among the youth visiting his restaurant. This is no exception as in today’s digitally driven world; reviews and ratings have become the biggest contributing factor to successfully running your business. Removing negative yelp reviews has become a big concern for businesses that rely on digital marketing to attract new customers.

In this case the client suspected this to be the handiwork of an ex-employee who was fired due to his bad behavior but the damage was already done. It took us one month of painstaking effort to fix bad yelp reviews and help the client regain complete control over his reputation on Yelp. The fact is a single bad review on Yelp can do great damage to your business if it sounds convincing to your potential customers. If you are wondering how to get rid Yelp bad reviews we are here to help you and restore the confidence about your business among people who take online reviews as ‘truth written on a rock’. It is estimated that more than 54% of Yelp users develop perception about a business reading reviews. If there are bad reviews they need to be removed and we can do it for you.

Remove Yelp Bad Reviews and Improve Ratings

Does Yelp remove fake and derogatory reviews? It says it does but technically these are only in the rarest of rare cases. As the company states on its website “we don't typically take sides in factual disputes” and it doesn’t take time for you to understand what they mean by that. So what are your options when a maliciously written review hurts your reputation? Legally challenging it is expensive and not feasible as someone with malicious intent won’t stop with the efforts of tarnishing your image just once. This is where we make use of advanced ORM strategies to help you overcome the challenges and remove a yelp review that hurts your business.

How Do Remove Bad Reviews From Yelp?

  • Reporting – Yes we have stated above that Yelp removes bad reviews only in the rarest of rare cases but as your ORM partner we wouldn’t like to leave even the faintest of chances aside when it comes to helping you overcome negative reviews. We shall craft a review removal request in the most articulate ways citing genuine reasons why the review should be removed or be moderated.
  • Positive Profile Creation – Yelp and other online rating platforms rate businesses taking into account the average ratings a business has received from its customers over a period of time. We shall publish positive reviews about your business on Yelp to help you gain overall good ratings that can influence your customers.
  • Suppression – This is the best means to fix bad yelp reviews. The logic is simple – most of your potential customers are likely to read only the recent reviews that appear against your name on Yelp or any other review platform. If the first few reviews showcase positive experience with your business they are likely to see benefits in getting into business with you. We shall make sure that all negative reviews are buried well past the eyes of an average Yelp user.

Helping You Take Control Over Your Reputation

As Online Reputation Management specialists we at can help you gain complete control over your online reputation and reap rich dividends out of it. Apart from helping you remove negative Yelp reviews our also team specializes in helping your business deal with negative online references on other platforms and creating a positive online profile that attracts new customers to the fold and also reassures your existing ones. Whether it is organic search, social media platforms or review sites we will help you create the most impressive brand presence and turn it into an opportunity for your business.

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Yelp is one of the most influential online review and rating platforms in the world and we shall help remove Yelp bad reviews and create the most impressive profile for your business on this online platform.