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Online Reputation Dictates Your Success, Be In Control

As a medical practitioner you are well aware of how digital presence has become important for success in the 21st century. Word of mouth marketing no longer drives patient towards you as most of them tend to use the Internet to search for doctors both in case of an emergency or for a planned consultation. And how do patients choose doctors? They go by the reviews and ratings mentioned on different websites. In other words patient reviews have become the single most important influential factor when it comes to choice of medical practitioners. If you have positive search results against your name you will not have to worry about your career while negative references can bring you down irrespective of your qualification, skills and expertise. Online reputation management for doctors has become very important and the top professionals are taking this seriously.

Why Doctor Reputation is Important?

Internet has ushered in a new era in terms of how we think and take decisions. It is the day and age of comparison healthcare shopping patient chooses doctors not only based on their qualification but based on where they stand against their peers. It is here that you need to adopt a proactive approach with respect to your reputation. Online Reputation Management is often wrongly seen as a measure of dealing with negative references and PR disasters. While it definitely is one of its core objectives it also focuses on enhancing the online profile of practitioners, creating positive signals on search and social media results and improving your discoverability on search results. At we are the market leaders in doctor reputation management and have developed inherent knowledge in how doctors are reviewed and rated on the top websites catering to the patients.

How Do We Manage Doctor Reputation?

  • Promote The Good – There is nothing that sells more convincingly than positive views and reviews about your services. It is assuring for your potential patients and helps them in making the right decisions. Over the years you would have gathered tons of positive reviews on your website, doctor rating platforms and social media. We shall turn these scattered pieces of testimonials into your most potent marketing tool. Our ORM experts would put these in front of your potential clients and help in generating more appointment requests and queries.
  • Suppress The Ugly – If positive feedback helps in assuring your potential clients, negative ones raise doubts in their mind. When your search and social profiles are dominated by negative reviews you aren’t likely to attract new clients easily. If a few of your unsatisfied patients have posted feedbacks that malign your image, we shall take these away from the eyes of your new patients. Applying advanced Search Engine Optimization techniques we shall suppress these below the positive results to stop them from influencing your new patients. When they are ‘out of sight’ they can do little damage to your name and reputation.
  • Create Positive Profile – Do you have an influencing online profile? If not, you don’t need to worry as we shall create one for you. Our team of seasoned digital marketers and copywriters would create an online profile that helps you stay ahead of competitors, become discoverable and create the right ‘First Impression’ in the mind of new patients. We have inherent knowledge about high authority platforms in your profession and shall help you derive maximum weightage out of them. If you lack social media authority we shall take you to the pinnacle.
  • Keep A Strong Vigil – Constant and broad monitoring of your online profile is one of the most important activities involved in reputation management for doctors. Like you would spot for early symptoms of ailment in patient and follow a treatment plan to prevent it from turning into a serious health risk we also keep a strong vigil on what is being posted about you on search and social platforms. This allows us to adopt corrective measures early and preventing such negative comments and reviews from hurting your reputation.

Influencing Results That Influence Your Patients

At we have achieved great success working with healthcare customers over the years. Our online reputation management for doctors’ services is tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you wish to deal with a PR disaster or want to create an online profile that helps you stand ahead of other doctors and clinics we know how it is done. Our expertise in search engine optimization and familiarity with the top medical authority sites allows us to influence results that influence your patients and their choices.

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