Your Online Reputation Decides Your Fate, Gain Control Over It

There is one trait that separates Internet from all other traditional forms of media (print, radio and television) and it is that Internet is a completely un-mediated medium. Every user is a potential publisher and a broadcaster. It is an open window for everyone to explore and one that has helped small businesses, individuals and institutions market themselves and take on competition. But the freedom to say and publish has also posed a new challenge and it is easy to tarnish a brand's name or publish false allegation against an individual most of which are sadly consumed by the masse on face value. Irrespective of the business you are in or the service you provide managing online reputation has become as important as managing your accounts. Without a comprehensive reputation management strategy you are vulnerable and are serving an open invitation for someone to hurt you severely. A seasoned online reputation manager will help you assume complete control over your online profile and play your cards to an advantage.

Managing Online Reputation, Creating Possibilities

Let's begin by saying what we are not – we aren't one of those agencies that merely handles crisis situation. At we believe that the positive side of managing online reputation often goes understated. People often tend to confuse positive reputation management with search engine optimization. While they have their similarities they are also worlds apart. As your online reputation manager we strive to help you overcome the challenges posted by negative comments, posts and ratings and creatively build a positive profile that allows you to attract more people towards your services and offerings. What separates us from other agencies is the fact that we study your overall online profile and ensure that our campaign is well-aligned with other marketing efforts. Whether you have shortcomings in your search or social profile we shall fix them. We put you into a situation where you are in complete control of your online reputation and create new possibilities.

How Do We Help You?

  • Enhance Visibility – To create maximum possibilities with online reputation it is important to enhance your visibility. Our team would do a search and social audit of your name and brand to identify the vacuums in your online profile. These may be in terms of social media handles, rating websites and forums linked to your business. We shall explore all these possibilities and create an online profile that reflects your name in good light and improves the odds of discoverability.
  • Deal With Negative Campaign – You can't avoid poor feedback, bad ratings and smear campaigns. You need to deal with them and push all negative comments to oblivion. As your online reputation manager we bring our expertise and experience to good use and ensure that all such comments and posts stay away from the eyes of your potential customers. We shall push them down to the inner pages of search engines or bottom of the comments list where they can't dent your reputation.
  • Build Positive Profile – A positive online profile is a combination of search and social factors. Whenever a user searches for your name - your official website, social media handles should occupy the top of the search results. At the same time positive comments, reviews and ratings should be visible to the users. With our expertise in SEO and copywriting we shall build a positive image of your brand on search engine and social platforms.
  • Stay Vigilant – All that we have mentioned above can go in vain if you don't stay vigilant and monitor your online profile. All it takes is a few comments and posts to destroy months of hard work that is put into building an online profile. Using data-driven analytics tools we track and log all references to your name and that of your brand across different platforms. This helps avert crisis and promote positive comments and ratings to enhance your social profile.

Your Reputation Means A Lot to You

In today's tech savvy world your online reputation means everything to your business. Our expertise in managing online reputation for clients across the board puts us in the right place to help you with your campaign and control and market your reputation.

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