How to push negative search results down | Remove negative reviews from Google search results

How to Push Negative Search Results Down? We Do It for You

Do negative posts overwhelmingly dominate search results when your name is typed on Google or other search engines? Have these negative results stalled your business growth or led to uncomfortable questions from potential clients? Welcome to the 21st Century digital world where businesses and individual professionals are as good as their online reputation or at least appear so in front of their potential customers. If you don’t take control over your online reputation you are likely to be out of the game soon.

How you wish these negative posts would disappear one fine morning and usher in a rebirth of sorts for your online reputation. Is it possible? The answer is both yes and no. ‘No’ to start with as your wishful thought isn’t likely to come true by itself as negative posts and comments tend to stay deeply engrained with your profile if corrective measures aren’t adopted. ‘Yes’ as there are ways to remove negative search results even if not completely from the Internet, these can definitely be removed far away from the eyes of your users. Here they don’t harm to your name and business in any great strength. This strategy is called Online Reputation Management and it helps you be in complete control over what appear on the search results.

Creating a Positive Search Profile

We at have created a name for ourselves in the field of Reputation Management. As experts in this field we help in removing all negative content from search results and let you reclaim a positive search profile, one that allows you to market and grow your business. We remove negative internet posts against your name and mitigate the risks that come attached with all undesirable and derogatory references on the Internet. This brings us to a question that we are asked quite often by your clients - how to push negative search results down? There is no one line answer to this question as there are no fixed formulas that can help you get rid of all the negative posts that dominate search results. It is a process that involves through audit of search results relating to your name, identifying users and platforms that are posting negative reviews and preparing a tailored strategy to deal with this problem. While we can’t promise you a definite timeframe it would take us to deliver results, but we have the skills and expertise to deal with such challenges as we have done for other clients in the past.

How Does It Work?

Are you still stuck with the question – “how to remove negative reviews from Google search results?” It’s quite obvious for you to be anxious with your online reputation after having experienced the fall that these bring to your name and reputation. We adopt a two pronged strategy to deal with this challenge -

  • Complete Removal of Negative Results – As your preferred online reputation management partners we always aim to completely remove negative search results which is what you would ideally want. This is only possible when such posts are taken down from websites where they have been posted. We reach out to these websites requesting them to take down such content and our past experience suggests that may website admins do comply with such requests. While you may have already explored this option with little success we approach them in a much more articulate manner with complaints citing reasons why the post deserves to be removed and also issue a politely threat of legally challenging them and in many cases this works! We also help you in reclaiming fake business listings that may have been used to tarnish your name and reputation and turning them into your marketing tools.
  • Suppression of Negative Posts – When website admins don’t comply with such requests we resort to the next best strategy – suppression of negative posts. The goal is simple – push down negative posts on the search results and shove them to inner pages of Google and other search engines. It is estimated that only 4.8% users visit the second page on search results while only 1.1% users visit the third page. Corresponding pages seen even fewer visits and thus don’t cause any major harm to your business. Our expertise with Search Engine Optimization and other digital marketing techniques allows us to achieve this with considerable success. We focus on building a positive profile for your name and business on review platforms, business listing and social media platforms that would dominate search results in the future and help you overcome the damages that negative comments and posts have caused you so far.

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If you wish to remove negative search results we are the right partners for this task. We have helped dozens of clients in the past overcome the ills of negative posts and also added new feathers to their internet marketing initiatives.