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The same digital world that offers unlimited opportunities has also posed a big challenge to everyone who wants to explore and exploit it to their advantage. While no reference on the Internet can dent your prospects, negative references and those with malicious intent can deliver a killer blow and put you out of business. Online reputation services have become the need of the hour in a world where a very thin line separates perception from reality. Any business, institution or individual needs to take complete control over online reputation to stay ahead of the competition. This is where a reputation management expert can help and we ensure that your business’s online face is seen with all its crowning jewels sans the dark and weak spots. At we are the leading name for online reputation management in India and have been helping clients across industries and professions from around the world gain complete control over their reputation.

Your Reputation Can Be Ruined In Minutes, Take Control over It

What is that ‘one thing’ that has become the market differentiator in the 21st century? It’s surely how you market your products and services and most of this marketing happens in the digital space. You can reach out to people faster than traditional medium, engage with them actively and also gather necessary feedback to improve upon your offerings. Now think of an individual or entity with no reference on the Internet, and you are unlikely to do business with them.

It’s surely difficult to survive in this world without owning your real estate in digital space. From choosing restaurants for dinner date to finding an oncologist or a construction contractor everyone likes to pick up the smartphone or sit in front of a laptop for information and make decisions. And what appears in front of our eyes is always taken at face value whether positive or critical. Hence you will need to invest in building your reputation online, one that sells and one that offers you dividends.

How Your Reputation Affects You?

How often do you ‘Google’ about yourself? Well, very few businesses and professionals ever care to search themselves on Google and get the first-hand experience of getting into the shoes of a customer. You may be surprised at the kind of comments, feedback, articles, and posts that mention your services. While you will be encouraged by most of the positive feedback that you have received from your customers, it is the negative mentions (even though they may be miniscule in number) that affects your brand. As a business, you understand the benefits of creating strong online presence and the immense incentives that digital media has brought to you, but you also need to foresee the risks that the same medium poses when your business’ online profile is riddled with negative references. Let’s take a look at some of these challenges -

  • An odd customer who has had a bad experience with your product or service takes to the social media or one of the dozen complaint boards and writes adverse comments or feedback about your brand. Potential customers who come across such posts are likely to take such things on face value.
  • Your business is met with a PR disaster and there has been widespread negative coverage about your brand in the digital media that occupy the pole position in search results. This can hurt customer acquisition or even make your loyal customers turn their back on you.
  • There is a smear campaign initiated by one of your disgruntled employees or competitors and all these are appearing in front of your target customers. Your reputation becomes subject to what appears on top of the search results.

As market leaders for ORM services in India we often come across such scenarios. Dealing with online reputation requires a three-pronged strategy – PREVENTION, ACTION, and REACTION. As experts in this trade, we prepare comprehensive strategy that helps you ride over challenges and make the best out of our Online Reputation Management Strategy.

  • PREVENT – Online reputation management isn’t merely a reactive strategy as most digital marketers like to promote it. The ideal way to manage your online reputation is to prevent disasters from happening. One single tweet, negative review or a Facebook post can deliver a killer blow to your online identity. But the good news is that this can easily be prevented. We make use of the latest tools to monitor what is being said and written about your business, products, and services online. This helps in dealing with negative posts as soon as they go live and thus preventing them from becoming viral and hurting your reputation. Using these advanced tools we raise instant alerts on potential threats and also counter them in a strategic manner. This approach has helped us stay ahead of agencies offering online reputation management services in India that merely look at ORM as a means to react.
  • ACT – When your business is mentioned in the right connotations in the online world, it spreads positivity around your brand name. It arouses the right sense of emotions and desire in the minds of your target audience. Strategic use of reviews, social media posts and targeting the top rating sites in your industry can help you create a rewarding online profile. As experts in Online Reputation Management, we have sound knowledge in spreading the positive word about your business on the search engines. Using social media channels and various review platforms we shall create enthusiasm and interest around your brand which can translate into sales and revenue. We harness the opportunity in positive feedback your business receives and ensure that these help you in fetching new customers and reaching higher goals.
  • REACT – When you are in the midst of a PR disaster and find your online profile marred with negative comments and posts we shall help you with our strategic approach. As seasoned ORM Company, we have a team of seasoned reputation management experts who are well versed in digital marketing strategies that help in suppressing all the negative comments and feedback and putting them off the visibility radar of your potential customers. Using advanced search engine optimization techniques and strategic use of keywords we shall ensure that negative and hateful posts don’t dent your business prospects and don’t become the talking point among your target audience.

Positive Profile, Positive Search Results and More…

At we don’t merely see ourselves as a reactionary digital marketing team. While we shall definitely help you get out of PR disasters and quarantine your online profile, we look at ORM as an opportunity to build your brand identity, be easily recognizable in the crowd and reach out to new customers. Our expertise in building a positive profile for clients across industries puts us in the right position to help you build a strong brand image and stay ahead of your rivals. Our knowledge of search engine optimization and social media marketing offers us the edge over others. We help you generate positivity and use this to derive fruitful results.

Gear Up For Positivity All Around

Has your brand name been hit by a barrage of negative posts? Are you apprehensive that one of your rivals may indulge in a smearing campaign to hurt your business? Do you want to build brand image and connect with your customers? If your answer is in affirmative for any of these you need to immediately bring an agency offering ORM services on-board. Online Reputation Management has become one of the core inputs into creating or managing your digital profile. As a business, you are aware of the kind of possible incentives you can draw from more visibility and positive brand image. The reverse of this is equally true as a negative image in the digital space has the potential to wipe your business out of the competition. And there can be nothing more frustrating to know that a person having 'Googled' about your brand and was shocked to see damaging comments and other posts. ORM experts specialize in correcting such flaws in your digital reputation and also building one from scratch.

What Can We Do For You?

  • CRUSH NEGATIVE CONTENT – Negative content has the potential to damage your brand name and it needs to be crushed. By doing so you will be able to protect the integrity of your brand and not cede space to your competitors. With our proven strategies in search engine optimization and other suppression techniques, we bury all negative content to restrict them from causing damage to your brand. We work extra hard in identifying patterns (in any) in negative posts as this allows our team opportunity to target the root cause of your problem.
  • MONITOR & MAINTAIN YOUR PROFILE – ORM isn't only about managing negative content as is popularly believed. It is more about taking complete control over your online presence. You should be in the know of what is being said and written about your brand and with our constant monitoring, you will be able to achieve this. We use state-of-the-art tools to keep track of your online profile and would instantly alert you when negative mentions are made about your brand.
  • FORTIFY YOUR POSITION – Online marketing is a continuous process where your brand constantly needs to increase its positive footprint on the digital map. With reviews, comments, blogs and social media posts our experts will help you build strong repository of information and positive views of your brand. This makes your business more discoverable to your potential customers helping you create an online image that is easy to sell and earns rich dividends for your business well into the future.

Get ORM Challenge Fully Covered

At we like to describe Online Reputation Management as a challenge for your business and would help you with every aspect of it. Our ORM Experts not only work in damage control mode but also get strongly involved in improving the visibility of your business on search and social media results that enhances your brand's reputation. Having tried our skills for clients across different businesses and also individual professionals we are best placed to handle your online reputation and add feathers to your crown.

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Online Reputation Management is the synergy between vigilance, creativity and technical knowhow and we bring all these to the table.

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